Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Getting started


Maybe it's time to start writing this stuff down. Over the years I've benefited from the public postings of others, and I've done a few of experience reports at conferences, usually with positive feedback. I'd like to do more, hence this blog. Let's see how this goes.

I work in Smalltalk.  Learned it in a York University night school AI class in 1990 and switched to it professionally in 1993. Something of an orthogonal move from my work as an MVS systems programmer at EDS. Lately I've spent a lot of time with Seaside.  I really like where browser technology is going: smart remotely connected clients, obviating the need to install remote code.  And on the Internet, no one knows you're writing Smalltalk.  I buy in to Avi Briant's view of Seaside 4.0: lots of Javascript talking JSON to the server (check out his talk at Smalltalk Solutions 2011 (hopefully the videos will be available soon)

Some of the stuff I've tripped over my be of value to others. I'll write about various Seaside projects, my work with automating SUnit tests and running the Toronto Smalltalk User Group.  All Smalltalk; no sports, travel or home renovation. As with anything, I believe this will get better with experience. Eventually this may even by useful.

For those in the Toronto area, check out the Toronto Smalltalk User Group at (or

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